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Galaxy NGC 4603

A front porch, where the public and the private meet, is a special
place as anyone who has ever enjoyed one knows.  Shaded
from the baking sun, or perhaps later in the deepening
dark, one can sit with family, with friends, some on
chairs, some perhaps on a creaking porch swing.

Strangers walk by, a greeting ensues, and
another human contact is made - and
perhaps some crime stopped.  The
neighborhood kids play ball out
in the grass or on the street,
jumping up onto the porch
to glean adult attention or
ask a question that is of
earthshaking significance
to them.

Maybe some of the grownups
will choose a cold brew in the
simmering months; home made
root beer from the basement is
always right.  Philosophies, memories,
relaxation, laughter, or just braving to the
new morrow, all take place on the humble porch.
And if you ain't never been on a Colorado summer's
porch, well then, you just might as well think dirt is candy.

Welcome, neighbor!  Let me get you something cold to drink.  Here's some stuff that we've been talking about before you came along.  Join us, please!

*Serious stoopin”, coined by my friend Curtis Hamer upon
observing some high intensity relaxing going on.
What, you don’t know that a porch is what some folk call a stoop?

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