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Once upon a time back in those supposedly unenlightened times known as the latter Middle Ages, theology was called, "The Queen of the Sciences."  As you might surmise, the definition of Science has changed a tad bit.  I presume that confering the title of Queen alluded to both a ranking of human endeavor for its potential impact on us and the degree of difficulty - and pleasure - in discourse with one another. 

"Theology" of course, roughly means "God Science." But how do we study something most would consider intangible, ephemeral, and subjective?  Those are the reasons that it is so often difficult at certain levels, yet fun.  It is also why, unfortunately, religions battle one another, shedding blood for the privilege of being right for the unprovable.

Yet this is not the domain of a privileged few or just churchy or weird folks.  Anyone who asks or reflects upon our own existence (Why am I here?) or evaluates how we should interact with others, is thinking theologically!  Even if one concludes that there is no God, that is an act of theology!

While cast from the Christian, and hence Jewish mold, my interests in faith are wide ranging and I embrace portions of many traditions.  This is not a site to convert, but to prod and dialogue with.  

Here you will find a number of choices to tantalize and nourish at your own theological buffet.  My goal is not to convince you of my beliefs - although I certainly do not shun allies! - but to provide substance for you to arrive at your own conclusions.

First, feel free to browse abstracts of some of the papers I wrote on my way to my Masters degree in Theolgy. 

About plagarism:  Use of others' materials is dishonest.  If you use anything of mine without citing me, or others,  you've done us no harm, it is you who is hurt.  If you use anything, I'd enjoy hearing what you found useful at  mailto:theologynet@paulv.net   For proper MLA citation of online sources, click here

What's an info site without links?  I do not claim to have all pertinent links in the known galaxy.  My linking priority is what I think is interesting, then resources, and finally, if I am motivated, what I think a reader might find useful.  If you find any dead links, please let me know.  I'll try to post the material onto my own page from my resources.

I hope you find something of interest.

Shalom,   Paul Verizzo


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